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I want to Thank Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hattier
for returning the lost painting of the St.
Louis Cathedral scene and a canvas that
only had the background painted.  They
were very, very "super" nice and even
delivered the painting to me while I was
at a show held at Palmer Park.   Thanks

This painting sold today, 8/01/09 to
Mrs. Holly Callia of Lakeview
Martin Dale Welch,   I was born October 21, 1954 in Salem, Oregon and moved to my
father’s home state of Mississippi when I was about four.  My family and I lived a few
miles outside of Greenwood.  I even walked half a mile up a dirt road (to get to a
paved road to catch the school bus).   My Family moved to Greenville, Mississippi
when I was in the seventh grade.   The only art training that I had, until I went to
college, was in the public school system.  

I am an Eagle Scout.

I went to the University of Mississippi, Delta State University, and was in The United
States Navy.  

I finished my art degree at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.  I graduated
Magna Cum Laude and President’s Scholar
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